Honeywell PCB Mount Pressure Sensor SSC series

Honeywell PCB Mount Pressure Sensor SSC series

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Honeywell PCB Mount SSC Series Pressure sensor

SSC Series PCB mount sensor specification

Industry-leading long-term stability

Extremely tight accuracy of 0.25% FSS BFSL (Full Scale Span Best Fit Straight Line)

Total error band of 2% full scale span maximum

Miniature 10 mm x 10 mm [0.39 in x 0.39 in] package

Low operating voltage

Extremely low power consumption

Ratiometric analog output

High resolution (min. 0.03 %FSS)

Precision ASIC conditioning and temperature compensated over -20 C to 85 C Temperature range

Also available with I2C or SPI digital output

Absolute, differential and gage types

Pressure ranges from 1 psi to 150 psi (60 mbar to 10 bar)

Custom calibration available

Liquid media option
Sensor model HIH6020-021-001S, HIH8120-021-001S, HIH9120-021-001S etc.